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[edit] Introduction

BMPx is available in several languages. This page provides information on the current translation status as well as help on starting or updating a translation.

[edit] Statistics

PurpleFuzzy Translation
afAfrikaansNot maintained 3.77%28.41%67.82%
csČeskyDavid Jaša 69.7%19.78%10.52%
deDeutschMilosz Derezynski 13.03%40.97%46%
daDanskSteffen Bach 98.12%1.88%
elΕλληνικάStavros Giannouris 22.61%36.11%41.28%
esEspañolSantiago M. Mola Velasco 27.32%34.07%38.61%
etEestiAndres Järv 66.72%19%14.28%
fiSuomiTero Ratilainen 31.24%34.85%33.91%
frFrançaisDavid Le Brun 95.29%2.04%2.67%
huMagyarBalint Erdosi 25.12%39.56%35.32%
itItalianoAndrea Scialpi 35.01%37.36%27.63%
ja日本語Nobuyuki Ito 82.89%1.88%15.23%
kaქართულიGeorge Machitidze 15.86%25.59%58.55%
ltLietuviųErnestas Liubarskij 54.32%25.27%20.41%
nlNederlandsNiels Abspoel 85.4%6.12%8.48%
plPolskiJacek Wolszczak 75.82%10.99%13.19%
pt_BRPortuguêsRenato Felipe Atilio 29.51%29.98%40.51%
roRomânăSabin Iacob 98.43%1.57%
ruРусскийRoman Bogorodskiy 52.28%23.7%24.02%
svSvenskaPeter Asplund 47.72%32.5%19.78%
th_THไทยNot maintained 7.38%31.71%60.91%
zh_CN中文Tao WEI 33.12%38.93%27.95%
Stats generated on November 21 2007 15:19:43 (GMT)

Note: Names shown are the last known translators of the corresponding languages. And we'll be very glad if you take the maintainership of one these unmaintained translations.

[edit] Help

[edit] Starting a fresh translation

  • Put the POT file into a directory, and run msginit. It will use the LANG enviroment variable and user information (It will ask you to confirm/submit your e-mail address though) to prepare the PO file's header. The result will be a XX.po or XX_YY.po file. The list of locale codes is available in this page.
Alternatively, you can just rename the POT file and start editing. Using msginit will save you some fuss however, and you are advised to use it! :)
  • Edit the file and add information about yourself (or your team) as well as any other helpful information
  • Translate!
NOTE: If you're unfamiliar with the PO file format, please use a specialized tool! We had to reject several translations because translators replaced strings to translate (marked with 'msgid') instead of filling in lines marked with 'msgstr'. There is no way we can work around such mistakes.

[edit] Updating a translation

[edit] Method 1

  • Update your SVN sources to the latest
  • Go into the po/ directory and run intltool-update XX (or XX_YY) or just run make update-po.

[edit] Method 2

  • Download the BMPx POT file
  • Put your PO file and POT file into one directory (preferably)
  • Run msgmerge --update XX.po bmpx.pot (or XX_YY.po)

[edit] Note

Because we (developers) do not and cannot review contributions for every language there is out there, we ask you to contact the official translator for your language for review before making changes.

Where we can review your changes, we may.

[edit] Rules for Submission

  • You must use the UTF-8 encoding
  • When you have translated strings, be sure to remove #, fuzzy line
  • Check your translation by running msgfmt -C XX.po -o /dev/null
You can safely ignore warnings about empty or fuzzy entries,
  • Compress your file using bzip2 or gzip
  • Submit your file by mail or pass it to us on IRC

[edit] Desktop files

We also invite you to add an entry for your language or update it in desktop files. These files are used in desktop integration (start menu, context menu in file explorer, etc). They are located in data/desktop.

[edit] Subversion Access

If you are an official translator, or endorsed by one, you may request for Subversion access to work more directly.

[edit] Tools

You can use your favorite general purpose text editor (VIM, Emacs, etc) to translate, but you can also use some of the available dedicated tools:

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