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[edit] Roadmap

You can also have a look on our Mantis roadmap!

[edit] Postponed

  • Implement libvisual stuff to have visualization plugins (in progress)

[edit] Suggested features

[edit] Core

  • Case insensitive Music Library (Forum)
  • Read into archives (rar/zip/tar) (Forum)
  • Daap support - libopendaap is a library which enables applications to discover, and connect to, iTunesĀ® music shares (Homepage). Check if avahi wouldn't be better for that (Homepage)
  • Cue sheets support - Cue sheets is a file tells how to split an audio file in several tracks and what tags the tracks have (Wikipedia definition)
  • Support shoutcast sending and disk writing
  • Support for Mobile Devices (Creative Nomads, Dell DJs, Apple iPods, etc...) (by using libnjb and libgpod)
  • Prevent other windows in BMPx (like playlist and library when getting meta data from a lot of files) from taking so much processing power that it causes problem using the main player window or playback. This can also cause huge amounts of time before any of the windows in BMPx to redraw.
  • Have an option to not retrieve ID3 tags to speed up adding and browsing tracks from the playlist.
  • Ability to manually edit metadata instead of only being able to fetch it from musicbrainz.

[edit] GUI

  • Have fine granular possibility to display song title. Different song titles for different folders (e.g. I have a folder "albums", mp3s from this folder should be displayed in the library including album title, else not). Song title display depending on general if-branches (if(hasAlbum) then display "%a - %d" else display "%a / %t), ...

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Have an OSD display plugin (using libxosd)
  • Support showing remote URLs (e.g. http and gnome-vfs URLs) in library (Forum)

[edit] Canceled features

  • Support libsysfs (1.x and 2.x) to detect removable media (removed in favor of HAL usage)
  • Separate core from gui; making it into a daemon - we can then have several interfaces, such as a non-interactive shell interface, an interactive ncurses client, a gtk+ one and so on; also being able to send maybe OSC to the server to interact with it. (I've moved the discussion over this topic to the Discussion/Talk page!!)
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