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BMPx is still an unknown project for many people. BMP is still well known but is dead.


[edit] References

BMPx is referenced in many websites, feel free to rate it to support us or give your comments and feebacks:

[edit] Improving our image and user experience

  • Promoting BMPx by posting articles / writing reviews in popular websites / magazines and adding BMPX to software directories (for the moment, we didn't do it and we relied on other people)
  • Having a mascot (we need a graphic artist but nobody answered to my request) or a well defined logo and a strict set of colors (black?, blue, orange)
  • Subscribe to "Les trophées du libre 2007" french contest. --> before the end of september :

[edit] Tasks in priority

[edit] Deadchip

  • The most missing feature for bmpx 0.40 is repeat function (done)
  • Improve desktop integration (fix command line switches to allow people to use bmpx for their common tasks like using bmpx to play cd at disc insertion, fix the last-fm firefox plugin, etc)

[edit] QuiRK

  • Change the design of the forum to adopt the global design with the top orange bar (done)
  • Once BMPx 0.40 will be released, I'll write several reviews for several big french websites

[edit] Everybody

  • Catch all bugs / exceptions
  • Fix memory leaks / corruptions
  • Fix odd / strange behaviours
  • Improve UI (context menu, menu bar, etc)
  • Answering to users requests on IRC, forum, bug report (I think we're quite good on it)
  • Having an up-to-date wikipedia article (in many languages as possible) for this IPLog in / create account
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