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[edit] IRC Channel

Developers as well as a lot of other users (~40 usually) are always present on

Server:  Channel: #bmp

If you have an imminent question or just want to hang out just join!

[edit] Quotes


<deadchip> damn someone is scanning my wireless network
<nexu-laptop> me
<nexu-laptop> yeah
<nexu-laptop> i'm hax0ring you from 900km away
-*- deadchip left (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<QuiRK> lol
<QuiRK> nexu, you finally managed to hack him :)


<deadchip> damn i typed style.css as
<deadchip> i code too much C and too less CSS

Nexu is a developper

<asdfr> vir, Nexu, are you developers on BMPx?
<Nexu> i dont develope on bmpx
<Nexu> i developed deadchip
<asdfr> he
<Nexu> his unstable mental state is my work

Genital size

<deadchip> is anyone good with http servers?
<deadchip> text/xml,application/xml,application/xhtml xml,text/html;q=0.9,text/plain;q=0.8,image/png,*/*;q=0.5
<deadchip> does anyone know what the q=<value> means?
<deadchip> it's from an "Accept" header sent by mozilla
<deadchip> Accept-Encoding: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7
<deadchip> o_O
<nexu> deadchip: secretly, firefox knows your genital size in inches and send it to the intarwebz
<deadchip> yeah right, just why didn't I think about THAT


[12:20] <descender> well I'm off
[12:20] * descender has quit ("Why has elegance found so little following? Elegance has the disadvantage that hard work is needed to achieve it and a good e)
[12:20] <deadchip> ..
[12:21] <deadchip> did anyone tell him that the quit message doesn't fit?
[12:22] <@QuiRK> no, because each time i saw his message, he was off :)


[12:47:52] <deadchip> well QuiRK
[12:47:53] <deadchip> what is it
[12:47:59] <deadchip> o_O
[12:48:14] <deadchip> i am your codemonkeyslave in leather and latex

Time to relax

[15:52:17] <deadchip> and yeah it's amazing enough that with all the work the app still works at all time so i should relax a little
[15:52:25] -*- deadchip relaxes a little
[15:52:32] <deadchip> ok done
[15:52:36] <deadchip> back to work

Who came first? Deadchip or BMPx?

<swan> deadchip: you didn't write bmpx did you?
<descender> no he didn't
<descender> he lives in Soviet Russia and in Soviet Russia... bmpx writes deadchip

Magical hardware

<deadchip> sxpert: i bought 256MB RAM today
<deadchip> and it worked out of the box
<deadchip> well
<deadchip> that sounds weird
<deadchip> it rather works INSIDE THE BOX

Intimacy and Friendship

<deadchip> drac: i once knew a finnish chick, Lea
<deadchip> she was really awesome but she had a boyfriend or sth
<deadchip> in any case the fun part was that we could have done it anytime, but we didn't because we knew we don't have to
<deadchip> (aka the friendship was much more important)
<deadchip> and that was really cool LOL
<deadchip> we had a hell fucking fun time everytime i went to visit her
<crimsun> that's how I am with code. I can code anytime I want to, but I'd rather maintain the "friendship."

Linear plugin is borked!

<deadchip> the playback history just did sth weird
<deadchip> ah nvm
<deadchip> shuffle is on

Where do you want to go today?

<descender> good catch
<descender> I'm starting to love gotos


<nexuo> they should stop calling them "pipeline" but "crackpipe"
nexuo makes more joke about gst

What is BMPx?

<deadchip> man it's going to be renamed to BMP anyway
<nexu> but the X is cool
<deadchip> just "BMP" feels naked
<deadchip> we could release it as BMP X
<deadchip> or BMP II
<deadchip> here's the catch
<deadchip> X in roman : 10
<deadchip> 10 in binary : 2
<deadchip> BMP 2.0
<deadchip> there you have it

Poorly designed?

<AcTiVaTe> deadchip: Never really liked DBUS
<AcTiVaTe> deadchip: Another well thought of idea but poorly executed IMHO
<nexu> blah
<nexu> activate is a nice idea of a living being poorly given birth to

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