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0.40.13 Stable (18 October 2007)

BMP Binary Packages

NOTE Maintainers, please specify the most up to date version in your repositories when adding a release to this page. Thank you!

NOTE The BMP project does not officially endorse or maintain any binary packages of the BMPx software. However, volunteers have created binary packages for different distributions and platforms, and as a convenience, we host some of them here. If there are any problems with or questions about the different binary packages please send email to the maintainer.


status_good.pngAL Desktop Enterprise

status_good.pngALT Linux

status_good.pngArch Linux


BMPx is now in Debian official:
  $ sudo apt-get update
  $ apt-cache search bmpx
    bmpx-dev - BMPx development static library and header files
    bmpx - Beep Media Player eXperimental
  $ sudo apt-get install bmpx


BMPx is now in Enlisy repository:
  # apport -Es
  # apport -I bmpx
Maintained by synt4x

status_bad.pngFedora Core

FreshRPMs has bmpx packages


You can add and packman in YaST,and search bmpx to install

status_bad.pngForesight Linux

Not yet officially in foresight linux but availlable in the Sound of Music repository.

To install, either add this repository to your /etc/conaryrc or specify it directly: To include the Sound Of Music in your Foresight linux (or pretty much any conary based distribution) add the following string to your /etc/conaryrc in the installLabelPath section:

If you just want to give bmpx a spin without messing with your conary config enter the following(either as root or with sudo)

conary update bmpx=/

and you're ready to go.

Have fun,


status_good.pngFrugalware Linux

BMPx is now included in our current and stable repository.

To install BMPx only type:

pacman -S bmpx

status_good.pngGentoo Linux

BMPx is available in Portage.


 echo 'media-sound/bmpx' >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
 emerge -av bmpx
We don't accept bugs from Gentoo systems anymore unless they had a preceding bug on the Gentoo bugzilla first. For further information and the reasoning behind this, please read:

status_bad.pngLunar Linux

BMPx is included in our moonbase, and can be installed via the command 'lin bmpx'.


BMPx is packaged in Mandriva Cooker, the development branch of the distribution.

The "Cooker" packages are often updated, almost as soon as a new BMPx version is released.

To install BMPx on Mandriva Cooker, make sure the contrib media is configured in your urpmi sources. You can use EasyUrpmi to configure this media. Then you can just run urpmi bmpx to install the BMPx package and its dependencies. If you need support for M4A, install the plf build of the bmpx package. You'll have to add the plf free media with EasyUrpmi as well.

You can also find packages on RPMFind


The guys from Develia are bringing BMPx to your Slackware desktop: The Develia multimedia packages page is located here: Develia Multimedia Packages



BMPx is now available in the ports (multimedia/bmpx)


BMPx is now available as a PBI file for an easy installation.


BMPx is available as a package in pkgsrc.


BMPx is supported through NetBSD pkgsrc.
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