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Latest: 0.40.13 (18 October 2007)


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BMPx is a media player which is excruciatingly (painfully?) simple to use, while being very powerful under the hood. BMPx is based on the current experimental codebase of the BMP project.

  • You want to watch the latest CNN news?
  • Listen to the BBC NewsPod?
  • You're totally hooked on Last.fm, and want nice integration of Last.fm's services with a player which also plays other stuff than Last.fm radio?
  • You want correct and canonical metadata for all your files supported in the media player you use?
  • You want to listen to Shoutcast and Icecast radio?
  • You think GStreamer is totally the way to go?
  • You want to be able to use the player even when totally drunk and otherwise drugged, without constant crashes or weird behaviour that actually requires you to think?

NOTE: The Fruit of the Day is currently broken. It displays a Banana all the time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fruit Of The Day

Testimonials From Our Customers

"Our Halki Diabetes Remedy and His Secret Obsession page wouldn't have converted well without the help of Beep Media Player! Thank you!"

We still can't believe it's free! - Author of His Secret Obsession Review, Yoga Burn Review, and Brain Training for Dogs Review

Thank you for this brilliant plugin. Our VSL has never been better at 2 Week Diet Review

Our contributors from 28-Day Keto Challenge and Old School New Body would love to thank you again.

Hi! We're from The Red Tea Detox Program community. We've donated USD$100 for your hardwork. Thanks!

We've tried nearly every video embedded player in our website, but none is as sleek as Beep Media Player. Great work, Milosz! - from His Secret Obsession

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