BMPx 0.34 Release
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[edit] BMPx 0.34


Status: Released

[edit] Version History

[edit] Changes 0.34.4

  • Fix width for source selection buttons (don't clamp to a fixed width)
  • Add mnemonics support for source selection buttons
  • Change queue processing to submit tracks in batches (10 at max, as specificed on, to speed up queue submission
  • Fix HAL backend to work with dbus 0.6x as well as dbus 0.9x and HAL 0.5.7 as well as 0.5.8
  • Fix setting of next/prev caps when sorting columns in the album tracklist, playlist as well as with podcasts (the last item might become the first after sorting in which case it's possible to "go next")
  • Code cleanups in the library backend and audio cd UI part

SVN Changelog 0.34.4

[edit] Changes 0.34.3

SVN Changelog 0.34.3

[edit] Changes 0.34.2

SVN Changelog 0.34.2

[edit] Changes 0.34.1

SVN Changelog 0.34.1

[edit] Changes 0.34.0

SVN Changelog 0.34.0

[edit] Feature Additions

[edit] Technical Changes

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