BMPx 0.32 Release
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  • Metadata editing and other issues that are present in 0.30.x were fixed (duplicate entries after editing, etc); also the updating code after an edit was optimized to avoid unneccessary deletion and re-addition of rows.
  • RGBA Colormap setting was fixed, see for details; BMPx 0.32.0 contains a workaround for that which allows us to use RGBA colormaps for particular widgets yet keep the user's icon theme
  • External tuning of lastfm streams was fixed; it actually works now (h00ray o_O)
  • C string parsing code (g_strsplit(), g_strcmp()) was all removed and replaced with mostly boost::algorithm::string* stuff, as well as boost::regex; effectively this rendered us entirely XMMS-inherited-code-less now even to the small rest amount that we had (skin loading routines, etc even though those had been already refactored by us to an amount that could count as a rewrite anyway; just for the record :P)
  • Updated Translations: Dutch, Italian, French, Romanian
  • Error reporting for failed operataions is now partially done trough the bottom status bar which then displays the error message and 'warning' icon, by which you are being informed of errors in a non-intrusive way. Clicking on the image will clear the error message.
  • Parse PLS files better/cleaner using boost::regex and boost::split
  • Crashes with the popup (when using it as a tooltip, but having automatic notifications disabled) were fixed
  • Our builtin modified neonhttpsrc (gstreamer http stream playback source) now works correctly with neon 0.26.x
  • Don't re-load the album cover from disk for the popup if it hasn't change since the last update, saves a little trackswitching time
  • The internal SQLite was updated to version 3.3.7
  • In various places, don't access std::map<> values directly, but first check if the key exists in the map (most notably radio http results parsing)
  • Various smaller bugs and usage enhancements were made
  • [edit] Feature Additions

    [edit] Technical Changes

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