BMPx 0.30 Release
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[edit] BMPx 0.30


Status: Released

[edit] Version History

[edit] Changes 0.30.3

  • A bug with potential doubled entries in the albums view after editing albums was fixed

[edit] Changes 0.30.2

  • A database bug which could lead to a different/incorrect track count displayed in the GUI was reported and fixed
  • The man page was updated
  • Nobuyuki Ito: Japanese translation update

[edit] Changes 0.30.1

  • Don't crash in Icecast stream list when no internet connection is available (also produced a crasher on startup)
  • Treat album entries in the view properly if an album edit should "splice" an album into 2 entities
  • Markup-escape text for a some internally used dialogues (most importantly the GStreamer error dialog) so that the text gets always displayed, and doesn't end up being not displayed at all due to markup errors
  • The font size for the time progress bar in the popup was fixed
  • Don't display a progress bar when there is no known stream duration; display only the stream time instead
  • Make the playback backend self-healing on errors
  • Make the top header logo smaller in height to save more screen space

[edit] Changes 0.30.0

  • The Winamp2 skinning interface was dropped in favor of better usability
  • Integration of a player
  • Stability improvements, improvements in the library backend
  • Less dependencies, more eyecandy (dropped libnotify support, own notification mechanism using RGBA/Alpha transparency where available)
  • XPI installer+Firefox plugin for coupling BMPx with lastfm:// URIs
  • A lot more changes overall that make the app nicer to use :)
  • Widely enhanced support for MusicBrainz metadata reading/writing for various file formats as well as support in the library
  • Make use of sortnames in the library (e.g. sort "The Doors" under "Doors, The" to get proper alphabetical sorting)
  • Support for Soulseek downloads via museekd or Mooseekd (see at the bottom of the page); Requires MooDriver as well (see bottom of the page)
  • Support for recommending items
  • Basic rating and playcount, etc (statistics) support was added, but mostly dysfunctional as of now (will be available for 0.22)
  • Initial support for a Last.FM player was added This does not mean that BMPx can currently play Last.FM streams, but the basic support is added and 0.22 will contain a Last.FM player
  • Library usage was improved: It is now possible to preview newly added items, and sort them out/discard uselses items, and then only approve the rest
  • Recommendation of items to Last.FM directly from the playlist was added
  • Sending of files directly from the playlist to an online GAIM buddy was added; this requires GAIM 2 built with D-BUS support

[edit] Feature Additions

  • Last.FM Player done

[edit] Technical Changes

  • Drop Winamp2.x skin support done
  • Support Audio CD Ripping done
  • Support Soulseek P2P done for this IPLog in / create account
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